Here, you will be able to read up on the most recent information regarding Luay’s published and future books to come, as well as the ideas that he is planning for the future.

Luay wrote “Jason Love and the Eternal Sphinx” at the age of eleven, and published it four years and several edits later. Living between the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and later on Canada has given him the opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultures which he plans to discuss in his future books.

Apart from writing, Luay has several other hobbies including drama, music and filmmaking, all of which you’ll be able to experience on this website.

He currently lives with his family in Fort McMurray, Alberta, where he is graduating from High School and plans to write the remainder of the “Jason Love” series from the University of Lethbridge, where he will be continuing his studies in Education and the Dramatic Arts in the fall.

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